British Sandwich Survey
The results of this short survey will let you know how adventurous you are as a sandwich eater. Answer as honestly as you can. You will also have the opportunity to enter a free prize draw for the chance to win free sandwiches, T-shirts, Badges, picnic hampers and even a hot air balloon ride for two...

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All information at this stage is entirely anonymous (there's just a randomly generated unique identifier to stop duplicate entries). There's nothing to identify you, just one question about your region (we're using this to make a map!) which we hope you don't mind answering.
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You are quite the explorer... you want to take the face of the world in both hands and give it a big kiss. You are exotic and adventurous and – if I may say so – pretty damned good looking.
You know your own mind and stick to what you like. What's wrong with a plain old cheese sandwich?! You’re a no nonsense eater Is it a crime not to want to ruin perfectly good ordinary food? We hear you brother... (or sister).
You're not averse to giving things a go. You don't go wild but you still mix it up a little. Good for you, you little adventurer.
You might try some different flavours but on the whole you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to sandwiches. You are content with the classics. A Classic Lover Let the others mess around with fads. You know what you like.
You are... well... gosh... you are pretty darned impressive. We know we shouldn't judge, but, are like the Bear Grylls of sandwiches, striding the world and taking bites out of it as you go. What do you want a balloon ride for? You could probably make a balloon with your bare hands. Grrrr...